International Patients

International Patients

BMI India is one step ahead in carrying out all the bariatric procedures with the best facilities and accommodation service for their international patients. We focus on individual care, where each patient receives quality service from our team of dedicated professionals. While you plan to visit India for Obesity treatment, we promise to make your stay completely safe and comfortable. We offer on-time pick up service from Airport, valuable accommodation options and safe treatment procedures. Infact, the coordinator ensures your complete stay as an affordable experience in Kolkata.

We help you explain how the things work step by step after you send your request at our site.

Once you take the decision to undergo a bariatric treatment, you must share all your clinical evidences/medical reports with us as recommended by the doctor. The medical reports should be provided with complete details of the conditions and symptoms persisting along with relevant medical history. The coordinator assigned to patient hand over the profile to the concerned doctor in order to seek the appropriate medical advice.

After receiving all the medical reports, our healthcare coordinator will guide you through the complete processes and choice of treatments available at our centre. You may discuss about the right treatment for you with the doctor. We will provide you the facility of a conference call with our proficient doctors. . The patient will get the assistance for all the arrangements related to his/her visit. Our skilled doctors will provide their opinion on complete diagnosis and treatment to proceed with time. The patient will also be provided with the information on estimated time and cost of the complete treatment. He will also communicate the rehabilitation service and post discharge care. The coordinator could also arrange a teleconference/videoconference prior to the arrival of the patient.

After getting all the answers from our side and with the complete satisfaction the patient will send his confirmation to avail the treatment.

Visa and custom regulations varies from country to country. After receiving confirmation from patients’, we request them to send us the scanned copies of the passports of themselves and attendant if any is accompanying. Visa invitation letter is send to the embassy in his/her home country and a copy of that is also emailed to the patient by our team. The patient has to visit the embassy with the copy of the email we send to him/her and get the visa approval. The patient and his family must be responsible for the closure of the formalities.

Once the patient gets the visa approval, he/she gets the flight tickets booked. We also assist our patients in choosing the economical flight for them. The patient has to send the scanned copies of the air-tickets so that we may make the arrangements like hotel booking and pre occupying the appointments with the doctors in advance.

We provide a dedicated case manager to our patients so that they may coordinate with them throughout their treatment and stay in our hospital. We will provide you the details of the executive who will receive you at the airport. We also facilitate you with the translator who can manage the interpretation easily in case you are not comfortable in speaking English. You are then escorted to either the hotel booked by us or at our hospital in Kolkata, India. The patients are greeted by our dedicated staff with warmth.

The patients’ admission is always carried out with planned treatment. Apart from carrying out all the formalities, special facilities are provided to the patient throughout their stay. The dedicated case manager takes care of everything.

We also engage ourselves in the registration process of the international patients at FRRO (Foreign Regional Registration office). We dedicatedly assist all the foreign nationals to through with their registration.

Our doctor will first evaluate your health condition through all the medical reports, to determine the appropriate procedure for the treatment. The detailed plan for the treatment is shared by the doctor before visiting hospital. In case if the clinical condition of the patient varies after arrival and any other treatment is required, we share that with the patient and conduct the treatment according to his/her consent.

After receiving confirmation on all your financial clearances, the hospital will schedule the whole medical procedure. If you require extensive care, we offer personalized approach and the whole treatment plan is developed accordingly.

After settling all the payments, the patient is advised to follow-up with the concerned doctor for any assistance or medical query. These appointments can be scheduled later on after the patient gets discharged. The patient is either shifted to the hotel or escorted to the airport, depending upon the health conditions prevailing at that point of time.

Post-discharge, we take a follow-up with the patients’ through teleconferencing or videoconferencing. The patient is able to review their progress through this follow up process.