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We are a bariatric surgery and weight management group practice based in Kolkata, India. Our aim: to make people fitter and healthier by making them lose oodles of weight.

Bariatric surgery is a form of laparoscopic surgery that helps morbidly obese people lose weight. In the process, it may cure or control conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and more. We are a group of bariatric surgeons but we will offer you the most rational weight loss methods. Diet. Lifestyle. Exercise. Medicines. Evaluation. Consultation. Counselling. Whatever it takes.

This initiative will offer patients a one-stop shop for help with regard to obesity. Whether you are in Africa or the US, in Kolkata , Kuala Lumpur or Dhaka, we will help you get healthy and lean.

Join us in our effort to negate the evils of mindless eating or the overkill of unbridled surgical practice. We believe in the perfect balance. We are happy to consult even if you are not coming to Kolkata for surgery.

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Can diabetes be cured in one day?

Diabetes, the Type II variety, is a lifelong disease which continuously and progressively damages your internal organs and kills you slowly. They say that your wife may leave you, your children may forsake you, but diabetes and high blood pressure are faithful and remain till you die.

No longer! The Mini Gastric Bypass is one operation that we surgeons are using to effect dramatic reversal in the medical condition of Type II diabetics. We are in the era of ‘surgically curable’ diabetes. While cure is a big claim, studies have shown sustained normal blood glucose levels in those whose insulin shots have been as high as 200 units daily. In our own long experience, we have seen overnight normalization of blood glucose levels from a preoperative high in the 300 mg/dl range.

So what is the MGB? It is a laparoscopic operation that takes under an hour, is safe, involves no stitches or long dieting periods, and is remarkably painless.

In fact, we are now routinely discharging MGB patients in as early as 14-15 hours after surgery. This is even better than the results of the sleeve and gastric bypass operations that we do for much the same indications of obesity and diabetes.

In fact, this dramatic ability of the patient to get up and go home a few hours after surgery is leading us to consider making this operation a day case surgery. However, we have to be very careful about this policy. In addition, while patients stop using insulin or oral medicines after the MGB, we are responsible doctors who cannot make tall claims as the title. That said, it could well be true that you could lose your diabetes in one day. 

One word of caution: if your diabetes is over 15 to 20 years, you may not get a complete normalization after MGB, but you may only need oral medicines, and be spared the needle of the insulin shots. If you want to be rid of your diabetes, perhaps this is a great opportunity to change for the better. 

In March, BMI, the organization of which I am a servant, is holding a national debate on this subject. Hopefully, we will contribute to the improvement in the outcomes of this dreadful disease, something that is affecting crores of Indians.

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